Privacy Statement

If not logged in, and acting as an anonymous user:

Only anonymous data is submitted for the immediate use in producing a growth chart.  The name/nickname field is optional (if no name is entered, the child will be referred to as 'Your Child'), and is only used to make the title of the growth chart.  After the user has left the website, the images of growth charts will periodically be removed by our system, no specifically identifying information is retained by our website.  General usage data will be collected, allowing us to see how and where the website is being accessed, allowing for further improvement and optimization of the website.  Any feedback, names or email addresses submitted on the website will not be shared with any third party.

Individual web servers and internet providers and authorities may have policies of retaining IP addresses, however this is completely unrelated to our operation of this website.

If logged in:

Child names or nicknames are required to distinguish between different saved children.  The names you choose to use are left up to you and your comfort level, given that the generated images may be retained in your browsers cache, and are temporarily retained on our server for the purpose of your website utilization.

When creating your account, will ask for your email address for the purposes of logging in, recovering passwords and communicating directly with you in keeping with the features of the account type you have subscribed to.  We will not intentionally share, sell, or otherwise disclose any of the information you have provided (such as your contact or child growth information).  It is important for you to recognize, however, that while we are intentional in working to protect your privacy, compromises are always possible.  To this extent, we encourage you to limit the user first/last name and the child name/nickname to that which you are comfortable with being exposed, should a data compromise occur.  While the passwords are encrypted, we similarly encourage you to NOT use the same password that you use for any other sensitive accounts (ie, email, banking, etc).

You are under no obligations to use the services provided by this website.  If you choose to share the growth data with a health professional or other individual either electronically (using our email options or otherwise) or in print, you will be responsible for the potential insecure methods of communication and possible discovery of the specific child's nickname and growth information.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please see our contact page.

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