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Currently only 'Free' accounts are available, with 'Family Plus' soon to be implemented.   The other features seen below will be or are in the process of being developed.  If you have any specific feature requests, please contact us via the contact page.

All users (Anonymous (non-registered), Free and Paid) are able to access the basic charting functionality of this website.

Free Family Plus Bronze Silver Gold
# Children 2 10 100 250 500
Ability to export data. Yes (email) Yes (email) Yes (email or text) Yes (email or text) Yes (email or text)
Customize Chart Appearance No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Generate multiple charts at once. No (only one) No (only one) Yes (up to 3) Yes (up to 3) Yes (up to 6)
Custom Watermark No No Yes Yes Yes
Notifications of poor growth None Minimal Optional Optional Optional
Ability to Transfer Children No No Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Import Data No No No Yes Yes
Data Analysis (planned) No No No Yes Yes
Customize Percentile Display No No No Yes Yes
Automated Reports No No No No Yes
Access additional high-resolution charts (WHO) No No No No Yes
Cost Free $20/year $80/year $140 $200


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