Fair Use Policy

The authors of this website encourage all professionals, parents, and primary care-givers to make full use of the basic growth tracking features of this website. Especially important in families or children where frequent contact with a primary health provider does not occur or isn't possible, this website allows for better record keeping, communication and continuity of care.

The basic service on this website is free to use for limited personal use(advanced features will be available on a subscription basis), with the following restrictions:

Credits to this website must not be removed:

  • If the growth chart or growth data/tables are being copied or forwarded, credit to this website must remain in place and clearly visible.
  • This includes the watermark for growthcharts.ca on the growth chart, and any reference in text or graphic form included in the growth data/tables.

Non-profit educational use:

  • As long as the watermarks and clear credit remain intact, the growth charts and data tables may be used without express permission for limited educational, non-profit use.
  • We do ask that you notify us (using the contact page) of its use in these scenarios, however, to help us further improve the website by tracking its applications.
  • If you are modifying the charts in any way, you must contact us to approve the changes and ensure the accuracy of the information in the new chart.

Publications (electronic or in-print) or For-Profit use:

  • If you wish to use the growth chart, data tables, or any of the computed data (ie, percentiles) in a publication, application, or any for-profit purpose, you must contact the site author to obtain permission and credit requirements specific to the intended purpose.

Please see our disclaimer page for further information.

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