• This site is provided for physicians and other healthcare providers as a tool for plotting child growth.
  • Additionally, the site has been made available as an educational tool to parents to plot the growth of their children as an educational tool and to help identify children that are not growing adequately.

Nothing can replace the essential clinical knowledge of a healthcare professional specializing in child growth, health and nutrition. It is important that any information identified on this website - in the form of a growth chart or otherwise - be interpreted in light of this clinical knowledge and experience by a fully qualified health professional.

  • While there is a significant component of educational material on this website, it does not constitute "medical advice".

Given the always changing state of medical information, the information on this website is subject to inaccuracies. Significant effort will be made to try and keep the information accurate and up to date, however this is not always possible. If you have a concern with the information, please notify us using the contact page.

No responsibility for loss of data:

  • If you have a registered account, you will be able to save your child/children's data on this website.  Unfortunately computer and server problems do occasionally occur, which may prompt us to restore the site from an old working backup.  
  • In these events, your data may be lost, and growthcharts.ca and all of its associated individuals cannot be held responsible for the loss of data.  
  • We strongly encourage you to keep a copy of your children's records yourself - either in your own format, or by prompting this site to email you a chart and data after updating the child's information.

External Links:

This website contains links to other websites that are created and operated by third-party organizations, either national or international expert organizations. As such, while they are generally considered good sources of information, this website and its authors are not responsible for any content found on these external sites.


The information on this website is subject to change without notice.

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