WHO Growth Charts: 0-5 years

WHO Growth Charts: 5-19 years

CDC - used in the US for ages 2-18

Canadian Growth Charts (from WHO Data)- PDF versions - from

Down's Syndrome Growth Charts

General Development Milestones Professional and Parental Resources

  • Rourke Baby Record - Professional Resource.  This is the link to where you can download the actual up-to-date Rourke Baby Record, approved by Rourke, the Canadian Pediatric Society, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  • - Parental Resources - The Rourke Baby Record is considered to be a Canadian national standard of evidence-based child health evaluation and maintenance.  This section of their website contains numerous resources for parents around normal development, as well as countless other questions that may arise.  While some of the information may be specific to the Canadian context, the general information is largely generalizable to most populations.

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